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Materials and equipment for welding and brazing

Liquid Gas Flux Vaporizers, Economizer, Brazing nozzles, Brazing Spare Parts, Hose clamps,...

GGS produces, sells and installs its own production vaporizers and economizers.

The GGS economizer is designed to reduce the supply pressure of gas brazing appliances, maintaining a controlled flow rate in particular by decreasing the gas peak when the torch is activated, guaranteeing gas savings.

The G.G.S VAP vaporizer is designed and built to be incorporated into a gas appliance for brazing processes with deoxidizer in the flame, equipped with a safety device and manual adjustment system for the intensity of the deoxidizing fluid.

Among the various accessories, GGS provides brazing torches, Brazing nozzles, cutting and brazing tips, liquid gas flux vaporizers and its spare parts. We also offer a wide range of liquid, powder and paste fluxes.

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GGS vaporizers for brazing image

GGS VAP - GGS vaporizer for brazing.

GGS economizer for brazing image

GGS economizer for brazing.