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G.G.S. Project

The G.G.S. was born and created from the experience in the production field, commercial field and technical filed of braze welding sector and its accessories by Mr. Adriano Bosato.

Mr. Adriano Bosato already in the sector for twenty years, he started has TIG/MIG welder and then, he became a salesman of generators hydrogen / oxygen and brazing alloys.

The project aims to improve the braze welding quality offering to the companies an ecological system not being harmful to the environment and its employees, improving the quality of the finished product. This system allows to the companies to be much more competitive in the market.

The industrial fabric of the operational area is extended in the most diverse sectors that may be:

  1. Transformers: builders and maintainers.
  2. Electric motors Manufacturers: manufacturers and maintainers.
  3. Industrial refrigeration (household refrigerators - showcases refrigerators - industrial and domestic heat pumps- air conditioners).
  4. Jewelery.
  5. Gold and silver production.
  6. Industrial ovens.
  7. Glass processing (Murano glass).
  8. Production of metal chairs both ferrous and alloy.
  9. Cutting metals, any type of metal.
  10. Preheating materials for automatic welding.

Company target

Our principles that guides the commercial activity are:

  • The technical advice for optimizing the choice of the most suitable product and / or the resolution of existing problems, improving the qualitative production phase, the operators safety and the safety of the company itself.
  • The speed in the delivery of the product required with the study and the installation of the system in accordance to law (on demand).
  • The after-sales service that guarantees an intervention within 24 hours for optimal and long-lasting operation of generators and appropriate advice on all other products.

The deep market knowledge and technical experience are synonymous of:


Our Partners

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